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Boost and new technology at Mazda 5
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Boost and new technology at Mazda 5

Boost and new technology at Mazda 5

Mazda has confirmed Europe’s increased power and torque for the MX-5, along with new technology and optional kit.

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Mazda says that 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter engines have been upgraded per liter, but at the moment only the details

A unit with a higher capacity. The Umbilly is sold in the UK from August.

This latest round of update day, less than a year ago at the Tokyo Motor Show with new settings and settings,

The latest update was updated on the 2.0-liter topping engine.

Power rises from 158 bhp to 181 bhp, while torque increases by five nm.

Mazda says the changes will lead to “refined” acceleration control, which is said to be

It helps minimize throttle applications and car responses.

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The redline engine also jumps to a rpm of 7,500 rpm from 6,800 rpm.

The Skyactiv-G-G units also include several designed output manifolds, new cylinder heads,

Lighter pistons and lighter link bars. 

While the Mazda has not yet approved a 1.5-liter MX-5, Japanese sources have suggested it

Improved combustion and more efficient than the current 129, 129 bhp and 150 Nm will increase the power and torque.

From engine upgrades, the MX is updated with new targeting options, including a new brown cloth

And the dark color is used for the design of the 16 and 17-inch wheels.

In a more practical aspect, the steering column is set to be set for the first time.

Eventually, Mazda has added a series of new safety features.

The MX-5 is now available with Smart City Brake, Driver Alert, Traffic Signal Detection and a Reversing Camera.

Price and specs will be revealed in the coming weeks, before cars enter the deal.