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BP to buy Chargemaster Network Charging
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BP to buy Chargemaster Network Charging

BP to buy Chargemaster Network Charging

BP’s giant announced that it plans to buy Chargemaster, the largest supplier of electric chargers in the UK.

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The company is based on a Luton-run polarized charging network with over 6000 charging points throughout the UK,

Covering home, work and public facilities.

BP currently has 1,200 filling stations in the UK and says to pull it out of memory

An ultra-fast charger including a 150 kV fast charger capable of delivering 100 miles of range in 10 minutes,

Across your area in the next 12 months. The oil company estimates that in 2017.

There are 12 million electric cars on the British roads on the best of electric cars

In 2040, from about 135,000 to buy now

“Chargemaster acquisition by BP is a turning point,” said David Martel, Chargemaster’s chief executive officer.

Realises the movement towards a low carbon engine in the UK. I’m really excited

To lead the Chargemaster team in a new era with the support of the power and scale of the BP, which helps us position

The leading market for the maintenance and growth of the POLAR national charging network to support a wide range of devices

The new electric car is exciting, coming in the next few years.

The Chargemaster contract, which has 40,000 customers, will be repaid as BP Chargemaster.

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Erginbilgic Storm, executive director, downstream BP, said “bringing together the leading petroleum fuel

In the UK and that largest charging company, BP Chargemaster offers a really different offer

The growing number of owners of electric vehicles in the country.

“We believe that fast and convenient charging is necessary to support the successful adoption of electric vehicles.

The combination of BP’s expertise, expertise, and assets with Chargemaster is an important step towards providing fast charging

And ultra-fast on BP sites across the UK and to become BP’s leading provider

Energy to low-carbon vehicles, on the road or at home.