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McLaren’s new 600LT spy on the Nuremberg track
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McLaren’s new 600LT spy on the Nuremberg track

McLaren’s new 600LT spy on the Nuremberg track

The new McLaren 600 LT is a hardcore version of McLaren’s sports complex

The new McLaren is a hardcore version of the McLaren Sports Complex

In the camera in Nurburgring, it’s been speeded up before the first time in 2018, Judo Judo

Ford only sells two types of cars in the United States

These spy pictures are made on teaser images previously published by McLaren.

While the outputs through the engine cover have already been approved, we can now

Use the aerodynamic variations available at 600LT. Most importantly, at the rear of the car “tall”

It has a constant fixed wing, while compressed and wrinkled wrinkles now include front shields and side skirts.

Compared to aircraft gains, the 600LT should reduce the weight of 570S and 570GT, too.

A gas-fueled teaser film and a 3.8-liter V8 commercial turbo unit.

Audi A4 and A4 Avant revive with a new look to 2018

A small aerodynamic correction is intended to increase the tensile force, positioning as 600LT

The series introduces the series of Sport series, which is evident from the original teaser image – which clearly shows

The rear view mirror is larger than the 570S. [19659009 While the 675LT has been reformed

Serious design and performance compared to the 650S, changes of 600LT will be received compared to the 570S,

Regarding the sports car series. However, the lighter than the standard 570S will be.

While power should climb, it’s about 600 pixels – 592 horsepower.

The new exhaust system also increases the volume.

You will see a new McLaren moving in Goodwood, endorsed by the brand

The famous Hill Hill is the first time on Thursday, July 12th. Prices

So far, it has not been announced, but it is possible that the amount of nearly £ ۲۰۰,۰۰۰ may be kept with a limited number of products.