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New Hyundai Kona prices and published specifications
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New Hyundai Kona prices and published specifications

New Hyundai Kona prices and published specifications

Hyundai has announced the price and specification for Kona Electric

Hyundai has announced the price and specification for Kona Electric.

Prices start at 29,495 pounds – this is £ ۲۴,۹۹۵

After paying 4500 pounds in the car market.

There are three clearance levels to choose from, plus two batteries and an outboard motor.

SE Models A seven-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto,

The rear parking sensors receive a rear view camera, weather control and unlocked access.

This engine is made by an electric motor 133 hp with a 39 kW lithium ion battery.

BMW 2019 Series 3 Turing

The premium starts at £ ۳۰,۸۷۰ before the facility is granted and protective glasses,

LED rear lights, front parking sensors, and an advanced entertainment system with an 8-inch display.

With Krell’s upgraded navigation and keyboard. Premium with both 39kW batteries and £ ۳,۱۲۵

An additional battery capacity of over 64 kWh is provided with a 201-horsepower engine.

High-profile Premium SE for £ ۳۶,۲۹۵ (£ ۳۱,۷۹۵, including allowance)

And thrown in LED lights, screen heads, leather seats that are warm and cool and a warm steering wheel.

All Kona Electrics are loaded with safety technology. Automatic emergency brake, front collision warning,

Support for line maintenance and adaptive cruise control – among others – all are standard. Detection of the tie point,

Rear traffic alerts and line maintenance help are available at the specified models.

In terms of performance, the 39kWh model is at 9.7 seconds and its top speed is 96 miles per hour.

The stronger model both improves, reaching 7.6 seconds and 104 miles per hour, respectively.

Both models produce a maximum torque of 395 nm.

The larger battery allows the car battery to cover more distance. In official tests,

With a charge of up to 312 miles, compared with a low capacity model of 194 miles. Full charge of small battery

A 7.2kW charger will take six hours and 10 minutes in a charger,

While the larger model will take 9 hours and 40 minutes.

Kona Electric manufactures Korean manufacturer USP against conventional rivals such as SEAT Arona and Citroen

C3 Aircross It’s 15mm higher than gasoline, but features a few

Shows signs of an exterior appearance to indicate the absence of an ignition engine;

For example, there is a shiny front window compartment that includes

A flap to cover the charging socket next to the Hyundai badge.

Inside, Kona Electric is more like its usual stable, although it’s a central console with controls

Different for the tilt system. As a standard, the car has a seven inches touch entertainment system

Which both integrates Android and Android smartphones, but with an 8-inch touchscreen

It will be available as an option. There’s also a screen header that can be

Show everything from speed and power to navigation directions. The boot capacity is 373 liters – or 332 liters

If you have cable storage space.

Kona Electric will be launched in the summer. Initially, it’s exclusively through

Hyundai’s online order system is provided. In 2019 it is allowed through dealerships.

New Hyundai Kona prices and published specifications