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Police cars: The world is the best and the worst
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Police cars: The world is the best and the worst

Police cars: The world is the best and the worst

Best and Worst Cars of the World

Police officers around the world regularly use different types of police cars,

But unfortunately, they are usually very boring for them. There is an exception, however, and here

We find some interesting police machines, collecting everything from a quick and cool to a terrible simple.

Today, British police officers are running a number of vehicles starting with Vauxhall Corsa and all the way.

Up to the BMW 5 Series Touring and the X5 SUV. It’s said that even these models are at the top of the hierarchy

British police car, when you compare them with some amazing police cars on the following list:

Lotus, Porsche, Aston Martin and Bentley all appear in the police car fleet from around the world

Renault Duster 2018 Technical Specifications and Full Description

Most of these high-performance police cars are used as PR procedures or confidential

But somewhere like Dubai, for example, where precious cars overcome the prospect,

Can you argue that they are almost a necessity …

This is until a suspect has been arrested. Everything is fine and fine criminals are bad guys

On cycling, extra bike ride, but much less practical that you need someone to jail.

Perhaps this is where police cars enter the car.

If you can not do the time, do not commit the crime. But if you can do the time

And you will probably be red handed, why in a country where you can at least be

Enjoy a high-speed escape with the police in a fantastic car? List of cars

Check out the world’s largest and most disappointing police …

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Police cars: The world is the best and the worst
Nissan GT-R ‘Copzilla’

Engine: Twin Turbo V6, 562 horsepower
۰-۶۲mph:> 3.0 seconds
High speed: 196 megapixels

Well, so there’s no extra performance on what’s otherwise standard GT-R,

But nevertheless, the Nissan did the stunning design of this coupé for the 2017 New York Motor Show.

Elements of the African subway office, flashing lights and giant super-spoiler display a terrible appearance.

Ford Focus RS

Engine: 2.3-liter turbo flood

۰-۶۲ MP: 4.7 seconds

High speed: 165 megapixels

At age 80, Essex and Safolk Police tested the Ford RS200 if it did it as a patrol car,

Despite its report as a stunning hit, it never came to its full advantage. Thirty years later,

Ford’s new fast-focusing fleet, the Focus RS with 345 horsepower under the wig, is definitely not so fast.

– And unlike the RS200, it provides rear doors for carrying suspicious criminals and has enough boot

Great for storing traffic cones. Plus, if they’re tedious,

Officers can take “drift” in blank mode

McLaren’s new 600LT spy on the Nuremberg track

Volvo V90

Engine: N / A
۰-۶۲ mph: N / A
High speed: N / A

Sweden’s Swedish forces will deliver some of the new Volvo V90’s cars in 2017.

It’s difficult to know why – we are very liked by the V90 here auto-express, and it seems like a force

Swedish police are also doing. In fact, like all potential future vehicles, the V90 is up to a certain amount

In the tests of the country’s police car, it tested 9.2 out of 10 – the highest score for each of these cars.

The overall view of the car was that due to the high speed, the changes in the speed of lines in high speed,

The car is done to what is done and, without any protest, destroys the moving forces.

“The specifications of the engine are not certain, but we believe that certain Swedish cars may be

Use the P6 T6 gasoline engine that we can not get in the UK.

It is for 0. 62 mph in 6.1 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph.

Ariel Atom PL was given the Ariel’s Mo Announcement to Avon and Somerset Constabulary on torbike

The Ariel Atom 3.5R, PL output power from 240 to 350 horsepower, so this can be

To 0. 62 mph in incredible 2.6 seconds. While in the police lobby completely

With blues and twins completely covered, it is unlikely to be used as an apple grapevine enthusiast. However, if they were, they would not badly miss the opportunity.

Capro T1

Engine: 3.5-liter V6, 345 horsepower
۰-۶۲mph: 2.5 seconds
High speed: 205mph

The Caparo T1 is less a patrol car and a high-speed walking vehicle.

Mid-range cycling cycling conducted by London’s Metropolitan Police,

It can climb from 0 to 62 mph in 2.5 seconds, while it’s unlikely to speed

Both engines have 200 MW plus high speeds in every path on the HK path,

At least pull people out of the way. Designed by McLaren F1 engineers, Kapooro does not have a great chance for criminals

Ford F-150

Engine: 5.0-liter V8, 385 horsepower

۰-۶۲mph: 6.6 seconds Indes

High speed: N / A

Few vehicles are more than the F-150’s big Ford F-150, but in the United States it’s a living principle.

And the best car for sale. So, just like the British police, Ford Focus, which uses best selling,

That the US forces should use the F-150. The Police package is available in the SuperCrew and SuperCab F-150

Which has 5.0-liter V8 or 3.5-liter EcoBoost engines, with equipment that you can expect from a police vehicle.

Mercedes GLE coupe

Engine: 5.5-liter V8, 577 horsepower

۰-۶۲mph: 4.2 seconds

High speed: 155 MP

The Aussies love a V8 and with the Australian Police GLE 63 S Coupe even two turbochargers as well

Get a reward! The sleek cabin body may not be suitable for transporting inmates,

But the height of the riding lifts should be made from remote meats. It was just a car loan

Mercedes in Australia – as part of a campaign to increase road safety in Victoria

Porsche 911

Engine: 3.8 Porsche 6 floods, 370 horsepower
۰-۶۲ minutes: 4.5 seconds
High speed: 186 megapixels

Porsche has just celebrated the 50th anniversary of its 911 sports car and is likely to be a police officer

In Berlin, he is interested in joining his 2005 model with the German TechArt toner. This car can be 370 horsepower

Within 4.5 seconds, it will travel at 4.5 km / s to 186 MP / s, and will move to Berlin’s fans to the right of the law.

MOTO CLS Motors Brabus

Engine: 6.3-liter V12, 720 horsepower
۰-۶۲mph: 3.2 seconds
High speed: 227 megapixels

With 911 content, German authorities have also adjusted with the Brabus MkI CLS, twice the speed of 227 megapixels

And 720 horsepower is considered, it’s not hard to know its name. Brabus all the necessary kits to keep

Extras have been checked. Unlike some of our other Hot Poliping cars, it’s also suitable for two offenders behind.

Lotus Evora

Engine: 3.5-liter V6, 345 horsepower
۰-۶۲mph: 4.4 seconds
High speed: 178 megapixels

Used by Italian National Police, Carabinieri, this version is completely bare Evolution Lotus

Has made coordination. It produces 345 horsepower and can reach 0/62 seconds per second to 4.4 seconds,

Therefore, it is suitable for most traffic on the country’s highway. Lotus also cares for maintenance and driver training on how to manage a supercar.

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV

Engine: 2.9-liter V6, 503 horsepower

۰-۶۲ minutes: 3.9 seconds

High speed: 190 miles

Carabinieri is no stranger to the speed of Alfas, using 159 in the past, but the new Giulia QV is more powerful,

But the package is 503 horsepower than the twin turbo V6 engine. The troops have been handed over to Rome and Milan

From Julia QV each one, and they are used for quick response, carriage of organs and VIP escorts.

Jeep Wrangler

Engine: 2.8-liter diesel

Still an entry for Carabinieri, but now it’s single owner.

The FCA delivered the 2.8-liter Diesel Jeep Wrangler to the Italian paramilitary police to explore the eastern coast of Italy.

While the car is not the most powerful car in the list, it is one of the most powerful roads.

This is part of what’s called the Mopar One Pack, with which it has a 2 “

۱۷-inch Gladiator wheels and extra flares in front and rear wheelarches.

Spyker C8

Engine: 4.2-liter V8, 400 horsepower
۰-۶۲mph: 4.5 seconds [19659022] High speed: 187 MP

This Dutch superstar has been scattered in the red and blue colors of the country’s police force. also

It has a special base that holds the light bar because there is no standard for static Lamborghini Horacan LP 610-4

Engine: 5.2-liter V10
۰-۶۲mph: 3.2 seconds
High speed: 202 mph

The Italian police have long waited for their hands on the Lamborghini Hurricane.

Polizia Lorring Polarized Liveried Hurricane Polizia by Lamborghini with Lamps

An important blue color was given to the police in the state of Italy. The V10 will produce a 5.2-liter V10 with 602 horsepower.

Aston Martin One-77

Engine: 7.3 V12, 750 horsepower 0-62mph: 3.7 seconds
High speed: 220 megapixels

This is what made the legendary English builder.

As its name suggests, Aston Martin One 77 restricts freedom to only 77 models worldwide.

Beautifully crafted and obsessive attention to car detail. It’s no cylinder, with 750 horsepower.

From a V12 and a top speed of 220 mph.

Police cars: The world is the best and the worst

Dubai police cars

Bentley Continental GT

Engine: 6.0 W12, 567 hp
High speed: 197 mph
۰٫۰۶ Minutes: 4.3 Seconds for the British Engineer, BentleyContinentalGT is a good choice due to its excellent refinement and quality. It is made in the famous Kot Bentley factory, and all its efforts have been made to make the car complete. It is requested to be commissioned. The 60-liter W12 engine is powered by a 200-mph engine with a speed of 200 mph and a maximum of 062 megawatts per second for 43 seconds.

Police cars: The world is the best and the worst

Ferrari FF

Engine: 6.2 V12, 651 horsepower
۰-۶۲mph: 3.7 seconds
High speed: 208 mph

Practical and Ferrari are two words that rarely be an exception in the same Ferrari FF, however, because it’s a really efficient supercar that is a space for four passengers in the braking style of shooting – an excellent choice for transferring criminals to the station quickly , Thanks to the 651 horsepower V12 engine

Police cars: The world is the best and the worst

The Worst Cars Of The World

The strange police cars, which cost a lot to buy and run, are in their own way inappropriate, but not in the same way as these models. There are some of the worst police cars in the world

Lada Riva

Engine: 1.5-liter 80-horsepower 0-62 mph: 14.5 seconds
High speed: 95mph

Due to a trade embargo with the United States, Cuba is difficult to obtain a suitable fleet of police cars.

But his friends in Russia offered Lada Rifa well – and they did not kidding.

The four doors in the streets of Havana are patrolled by a large comedy siren, but it’s unlikely that anyone will see this serious.

Smart fortune

Engine: 0.9 liters, 89 horsepower
۰-۶۲mph: 10.4 seconds
High speed: 96mph

New York City officers may fight New York Paris sells 250 city cars, probably bought to break the traffic jams of New York, but they are almost as common as a car, we can not see the benefits – apart from the time Parking, of course …

Police cars: The world is the best and the worst

Toyota Prius

Engine: 1.8-liter 134-horsepower 0-62mph: 10.1 seconds
High speed: 112mph

In an effort to add to their green credentials, the police in Berlin are trying to compensate for the emissions

Porsche in its fleet with these Toyota Prius hybrid cars. They are painfully slow

At the same time, they are incredibly efficient, and when using battery power, officers can trap criminals!

Police cars: The world is the best and the worst