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The alliance between Volkswagen and Ford team to increase competition
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The alliance between Volkswagen and Ford team to increase competition

The alliance between Volkswagen and Ford team to increase competition

Volkswagen and Ford announced a strategic alliance that would strengthen “several joint projects,” including the development of commercial vehicles.

Two of the largest guns of the automotive industry are maneuvering in a “strategic alliance.”

Designed to enhance the competitiveness of the two companies and improve their presentation to customers around the world.

The Ford and Volkswagen Volkswagen signed a memorandum of understanding that will mark the start of several joint ventures,

But the only one mentioned is the development of new commercial vehicles.

In a statement released by both companies, it is emphasized that any strategic alliance,

The company will not participate in any other company.

Instead, there is the possibility of sharing technology and sharing development costs in the main projects.

In a statement, Jim Farley, head of global markets, said.

Ford is committed to improving our fitness as a business and using adaptive business models.

That involves working with partners to improve our effectiveness and efficiency.

“This potential alliance with Volkswagen Company is another example of how we can

Become a business as a business, as a global product basket wins and develops our capabilities.

We expect to be with Volkswagen team on days before we can work together to help meet the needs of developing commercial vehicles and more. 

The alliance between Volkswagen and Ford team to increase competition

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Dr. Thomas Sedran, Chairman of the Volkswagen Group

“The markets and customer demand are changing at an unbelievably fast pace,” the strategy said.

Both companies have strong and complementary positions in various business sectors.

It is important to achieve flexibility through unions to adapt to the challenging environment. It is a key element of the Volkswagen group’s strategy in 2025.

Potential industrial cooperation with Ford is seen as an opportunity to improve companies’ competitiveness globally. “

Ford and Volkswagen have collaborated in the past. The two brands joined forces in the 1990s.

Who participated in a joint venture that includes the Ford Galaxy, the Sharan Volkswagen and Seat Alhambra 7 on

A common platform was created at the AutoEuropa factory in Palmela, Portugal.

On the market today, the obvious attraction between the two is their power in the two main car markets of the world.

Ford remains a huge force in the United States, but in Europe, outside of the UK, outside of Britain,

And lacks a partner for the development of European car rigs.

On the other hand, Volkswagen can outperform the European market with some problems published in the United States,

Not at least about the scandalous emissions of greenhouse gases.

Moreover, the challenges surrounding the cost of developing the next generation of electric and hybrid vehicles,

Also advanced entertainment and autonomous technologies that are needed to keep up the speed.

It may seem more attractive to share expertise and resources.

The commercial business sector, while referring to a region of cooperation that was specifically mentioned in the Ford / Volkswagen statement,

He looked, now is sharing the platform,

But Ford has now been split off with the Mercedes range range panel bringing the new Crafter to the market.

The two big companies in this space fit together.